Our Story

Founded in 2015, DRIVIN utilizes a broad range of data points including sales figures, demographic information and broader economic trends to help automotive dealers optimize their inventories and price their vehicles correctly. KAR will leverage DRIVIN's proprietary technology to improve the deployment of its existing products and services. DRIVIN's co-founders include serial entrepreneurs Brad Keywell and Eric Lefkofsky, as well as current President Kayne Grau and COO Justin Mahlik.

DRIVIN - A KAR Auction Services Company

DRIVIN joined the KAR family in April of 2017 and has been expanding its products and services throughout the organization, shifting from a transactional venue to focus directly on being a data and analytics platform. DRIVIN's leadership team is passionate about the opportunity to create value by combining the wealth of data within KAR.

Leadership Team

  • Kanye Grau - CEO at DRIVIN

    Kayne Grau


  • Justin Mahlik - COO at DRIVIN

    Justin Mahlik


  • David Rymarz - VP of Operations at DRIVIN

    David Rymarz

    VP Operations

  • Leslie Vander Baan - VP of Intergrations at DRIVIN

    Leslie Vander Baan

    VP Intergrations

  • Jake Whitver - VP of Data Services at DRIVIN

    Jacob Whitver

    VP Data Services

  • Michael Russell - VP of Product & Technology at DRIVIN

    Michael Russell

    VP Product & Technology

  • Huey Antley - VP of Data Science Solutions at DRIVIN

    Tom Kozlowski

    Director Data Science

  • Terrence Wynne - VP of DaaS at DRIVIN

    Terrence Wynne

    VP Pricing Solutions