If it Ain’t Broke, Still Fix it

The list of English proverbs quoted by organizational leaders is so long that it gives Santa’s list a run for its money.  “There’s no such thing […]


DRIVIN Announces the Industry’s FIRST Intelligent Marketplace

You might know DRIVIN as the service for automotive dealers that uses data to help sell, source, acquire and deliver quality used vehicles for its dealer […]


Shaking the Habit: When to Trust Data Over Instinct

How many times have you thought, “I can’t sell that car unless I make X dollars on it” or “I’ll hold that car as long as […]


The Next Big Thing is Coming

In a Q3 Dealer Survey, dealer partners told DRIVIN their two biggest challenges are sourcing and acquiring the right used inventory for their lot, and eliminating […]


The #1 Truth To Hiring For Success

I was on a flight recently, fiddling with my phone, trying to get an app to work correctly. My six-year-old daughter, who was sitting next to […]


DRIVIN Update: Inventory Made Easier

As a used car manager, you balance your time managing the sales team, consulting and selling to guests, following up with leads, checking commissions and managing […]


The Side Effects of Sourcing from Auctions

The used-car industry is steeped in long-held tradition. As a dealer, you’ve likely been following that tradition, relying primarily on an auction-based strategy to source your […]


Grow Revenue with the Right Inventory

By advertising through digital, print, TV, radio and more, your dealership focuses on driving as many used-car shoppers to your lot as possible. Once they arrive, […]


Overcome Loss Aversion and Make Tough Decisions

You may not have heard of them, but Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky are rock stars. Their band name doesn’t have the same ring as say, […]


Capitalize Why You Can

For many people who dedicate countless hours to training, learning, and doing as much as they can to improve in certain areas in life, it is […]


The Third Step to Creating an Optimal Lot

There’s nothing more painful for your dealership than watching profit margins shrink, especially when you know that used car sales are up, and you’re doing everything […]


Is your sourcing strategy good enough?

Many software tools in the auto industry make sourcing recommendations to dealer partners that don’t take into account dealer-proprietary variables. The end result is a generic […]


Optimal Lot Step 2: What’s Your Market Position

With used car sales expected to continue rising in 2016, but pricing expected to decline, it’s a great time to be a buyer. That said, if […]


The First Step to Creating an Optimal Lot

Used vehicles are selling in record numbers – and buyers are more sophisticated than ever thanks to increased pricing transparency and online shopping tools. As a […]


Why You Need to Rethink Your Used Car Sourcing Strategy

2015 was a record year for used car sales, thanks to low interest rates, cheap fuel and employment gains across the country, and dealerships will likely […]