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See why dealerships across the country are using DRIVIN to help sell, source and buy the right used-car
inventory to create their optimal lot.

Case Study |

Pain Point: Lack of good quality vehicles in the marketplace.
DRIVIN Solution: Drivin analyzed the biggest sellers on the lot and located 20 high-quality vehicles and moved them to the customers lot by the end of the work week for the big weekend rush.
Result: We were able to provide the customer with several future deliveries and established a consistent delivery schedule for all their needs.

Our delighted dealer partners

Gene Daughtry
PLS Financial Services, Chicago, IL

DRIVIN helped us balance our inventory. We have the right mix of aging vehicles, along with a very attractive inventory for customers. The value comes from the ability to purchase vehicles directly from dealers (many frontline ready), which saves in reconditioning and detailing. We can research the vehicles presented, find the ones that are right for us, and the vehicles are delivered to our dealership.

Arthur Helmick
COX AUTO Group, Wilmington, DE

Using DRIVIN’s massive data set and network of wholesalers, I now have access to buy from the entire market. Within the market there is a range of prices for every vehicle high and low. With DRIVIN’s data set and my reporting techniques. I can buy at the market low every single time.

Tony Basich
Motor Werks Honda, Chicago, IL

I believe in DRIVIN and have begun to value the service they provide. In today’s market, I am stretched thin and DRIVIN is a great partner in getting me exceptional inventory at a reasonable cost.

David Neumann
Hendrick Automotive Concord, CA

I really appreciate the service DRIVIN provides for our dealership. Their ability to find deals on the inventory we need has been extremely helpful and we look forward to growing our business relationship.

Gene Daughtry
PLS Financial Services, Chicago, IL

Arthur Helmick
COX AUTO Group, Wilmington, DE

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